Hi There,

My name is Chirag M Sorathiya. Long story short, I’m a Full Stack Developer with over 7 years of experience.

Here are some more things about me.



I love designing and developing web applications and mobile applications.

It takes more than a vision to design and develop a carefully crafted  application. I believe a user interface is not the only part of an  application that matters. It takes both to be precisely developed in  order to make it work flawlessly.

My Skills


1. Mobile App Designing for iOS and Android.

(Adobe Photoshop❤, Adobe Illustrator❤, Pencil)

2. Responsive Web Designing.

(HTML, CSS, Less, SASS, jQuery, AngularJS 2+❤, Typescript and Custom Javascript.)

3. REST API Development using DotNet Core.

(Dotnet Core❤, Postman, MongoDB, Mongo Chef, JWT, Amazon Web Services)

4. Front End Development.

(Visual Studio 2017 CE, AngularJS 2+)

5. Back End Development.

(Visual Studio 2017 CE, Dotnet Core 2, WebSocket (SignalR))



Windows❤, OS X, Ubuntu



Thank you so much for a visit, I’m available to work for you.

If you have any project that matches any of my skill set, Let me know and we’ll discuss it.

Thanks for the visit! See you around!

Chirag 😊