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Useful Libraries For Angular 2+

Published on April 27th , 2021
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Useful Libraries For Angular 2+

Angular is a pretty famous front-end development framework and it totally deserves the title of being the best out there (I know there is going to be a debate on this in the comment section 😂). But even the best ones are not useful if you don’t know the right plugins to use them with.

In this article, I’m going to list out a few of my most favorite libraries that I use in most of my projects.


Even though I like using custom components most of the time, Ngx-Bootstrap is an awesome bootstrap framework for Angular. It may not fit all of your projects but it works just fine for most of them.

It’s minimalist, lightweight, and doesn’t increase project size by much and that fits best for most of the time.


No matter what genre of app you develop, there is always room for dialogs and Ngx-Cool-Dialogs does the perfect job. It is extremely flexible, requires very little setup, and very easy to use. It is a reactive plugin and it can be triggered from the typescript without any markups which is awesome and perfect for every case. ✔

Vaadin UI Components

If you are looking for a collection of useful form elements with an awesome UI, Vaadin is the one for you. I don’t use it in all of my projects but I have used it in a few and so far, No disappointments. 😏

I have used their form elements only but their collection includes other components as well which can easily be a replacement for bootstrap’s components.


If you are an Angular Ninja, You already know about @ngrx/store and if not, No worries, You’ll get used to it.

It is one of the most useful libraries that can help you develop highly maintainable and high-performing angular applications. But it has a few requirements before it can be used in your project. Keep in mind that it requires some boilerplate code before you can even start using it and its an overkill for small projects but for medium to large or enterprise-grade projects, It brings a rainbow to the table 🖖🌈


There are many more libraries that I may not have mentioned in this post and I’ll be updating this post once I use some of them and test but if you have one in mind, Put it in the comment section down below and I’ll put it on the list if it’s really useful.

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