Have you ever tried to setup a wordpress website on an IIS server?

Well, I have and I tried to do that with Cloudflare Universal SSL.
After  installation, I couldn’t save/publish a post or a page. Everytime I  tried, It threw an error “Update Failed” or “Publish Failed”.

After googling around a lot, I tried following solutions and one of them worked like a charm. I hope it may help you as well.

  • Settings -> Permalinks -> Save (Didn’t work)
  • Removed all plugins and restarted IIS (Didn’t work)
  • Added always_populate_raw_post_data = -1 to php.ini (No luck)
  • Installed https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/ plugin and  activated it. This one actually worked but only if I enable classic  editor instead of block editor and I want to take advantage of  wordpress’s block editor. (So Didn’t work for me)
  • Installed https://wordpress.org/plugins/cloudflare/ plugin and  activated it. (Worked like a charm). All cross origin errors solved and  everything works just fine.https://wordpress.org/plugins/cloudflare/